This policy sets out the principles for voluntary involvement within Friends of Grindleton School PTA.  It is relevant to all within the association and is endorsed by the committee (or volunteers) of Friends of Grindleton School PTA. It will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to the Organisation and its volunteers’ needs.


Friends of Grindleton School PTA acknowledges the contribution made by its volunteers and is committed to involving volunteers in appropriate positions and in ways that are encouraging and supportive. The organisation also recognises its responsibility to arrange volunteering efficiently so that the volunteer’s time is best used to the mutual advantage of all concerned.


A volunteer is a person who, unpaid and of their own free will, contributes their time, energy and skills to benefit Friends of Grindleton School PTA.

Volunteer Co-ordination

All volunteers should report to the Friends of Grindleton School PTA committee, who will offer guidance and support to the volunteer so they may carry out task effectively. Volunteers may be given an individual name of a committee member to report to.

The nominated committee member with overall responsibility for volunteering within the association is <TBC>.

Volunteers will have a clear and concise task description, will be properly briefed about the activities to be undertaken and be given all necessary information and equipment to enable them to complete the activities.

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure they understand the task they have been given and to raise any concerns or training needs before undertaking any activity

 Rights and Responsibilities

The association recognises the rights of volunteers to :

  • Know what is expected of them
  • Have adequate support and training
  • Receive appreciation
  • Volunteer in a safe environment
  • Be insured
  • Be free from discrimination

The association expects volunteers to :

  • Be reliable
  • Be honest
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Carry out tasks in a way that reflects the aims and values of the association
  • Carry out tasks within agreed guidelines
  • Respect the work of the association and not bring it into disrepute
  • Comply with the association’s policies.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Friends of Grindleton School PTA committee.