This policy sets out the principles for risk management within Friends of Grindleton School PTA. It is relevant to all within the association and is endorsed by the committee of Friends of Grindleton School PTA. It will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to the Organisation and its volunteers’ needs annually.


The purpose of Risk Management is to identify risks as early as possible, develop a strategy to mitigate those risks and implement a risk management process as part of our PTA event planning process.

For all PTA events:

  • A Risk Assessment is to be carried out by a committee member to:
    1. Identify potential hazards
    2. Identify who may be harmed by such hazards
    3. Determine whether existing precautions are adequate or whether further action needs to be taken
    4. Record your findings on the PTA Risk Assessment template
    5. Review your assessment and update when necessary
  • Take advice from the school/venue where appropriate – look at previous risk assessments and adhere to recommendations
  • Take advice from the HSE where appropriate –
  • A copy of the Risk Assessment to be kept in a designated folder for use by the PTA Committee – this can be used for reference if the same event is being run in the future
  • A copy of the Risk Assessment given to the school if requested
  • All committee members should be made aware of each risk assessment.

This policy will be reviewed by the Friends of Grindleton School PTA committee annually.