This policy sets out the principles for the Complaints Procedures within Friends of Grindleton School PTA. It is relevant to all within the association and is endorsed by the committee of Friends of Grindleton School PTA. It will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains appropriate to the Organisation and its volunteers’ needs.

As Committee Members and Trustees of Friends of Grindleton School PTA we understand it is our duty to make decisions that are in the best interests of the PTA. We know that where any of us hold a personal or other interest, this will stop us from achieving this duty and acting in the best interest of our PTA.


This applies to every member of the Friends of Grindleton School PTA.

The PTA defines a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction in the PTA’s actions or the standard of service provided.

Our PTA takes the following steps to identify and deal with any complaint made against the PTA:

  • We make all new committee members aware of this policy
  • Complaints should be made in writing to the committee and handed, in the first instance, to the Chairperson. If the complaint is regarding the elected Chairperson then the complaint may be passed to another elected committee member.
  • The committee will meet to discuss any complaint made within 14 of receipt of the written complaint.
  • The committee will respond to the complainant, detailing the committee decision made and whether there will be any further discussions or meetings regarding the complaint.
  • If a meeting is arranged for the complainant to meet with the committee, the complainant may bring additional representatives with them. The complainant is also required to supply any documentation or evidence that they wish the committee to view at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
  • At the meeting the complainant should detail their grounds for complaint PTA may ask questions of the complainant. Minutes of the meeting will be taken.
  • Any decision made by the PTA in response to a complaint will be confirmed in writing within 14 days with details of any action to be taken.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Friends of Grindleton School PTA committee.