Today (Sunday 27th June 2021) a team of willing volunteers descended on the school playground to tackle a number of jobs including staining the story chair and restoring the plaque, painting the picket fences and sanding and painting two of the picnic tables (the third needs a little TLC so will follow later).

We achieved an incredible amount today and I don’t think anybody thought we’d get to the end of that fence but the team was committed to the cause and we left having finished what we turned up to complete so from everybody on the FOGS committee, thank you so much. Not only did we achieve all that work but it also felt like a community is forming around FOGS which is exactly what we set out to achieve so a personal thanks from me for that.

Of course these posts always finish with “there’s still more to do” so keep an eye on the usual channels for more information. We’ve achieved so much in so little time but there is still more to do and we hope you will join us for future sessions.

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