Here’s a chance to win some chocolate, and who doesn’t like chocolate right?! There will be six prizes available; one “giant” egg, 2 “XL” eggs and 3 smaller (“medium”) eggs (these are how Tesco describe them, I call them large, medium and small 😃).

The variety might change depending upon what I can get hold of but the image below is indicative of what will be available. If any children with intolerances enter and win we will substitute with something nice (the lucky child’s parent/guardian can advise here).

Payment will be somewhat on trust, either to PayPal or to the school office. Once you’ve paid, please respond to this post and I will assign you a number then we can draw the raffle prior to school closing for easter (by which time the eggs will have spent some time in quarantine 😛).

PayPal Link (choose “Friends and Family” please 😉 ):

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